Application to Uppsala International Summer Session 2024

Applications should be submitted only by the prospective participant, not by anyone else, from the personal e-mail address of the prospective participant.

Placement test

A placement test, provided by Folkuniversitetet, is used to determine your current level.
This is not necessary for absolute beginners.

If you are no beginner, please take the placement test before filling in this application form.
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Placement test

My number of correct answers = in level


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Please upload a picture of yourself. The picture must be face only and of good quality. It will be used for your student id card.

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I wish to reside in a
Special wishes
Proficiency in languages
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The following activities involve extra costs. Please mark the ones you would like:

The extra costs for the optional trips should be paid together with the advance course payment of 6 000 SEK.

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