Scholarship application to Uppsala International Summer Session 2019

Applications should be submitted only by the prospective participant, not by anyone else, from the personal e-mail address of the prospective participant.

Name and address

Please e-mail the following documents to and pay the application fee:

  1. A statement of study plans (purpose of Swedish studies)
  2. Your Curriculum Vitae (resume)
  3. A statement of your financial situation and needs, i.e. your estimated budget for the Summer Session
  4. Two letters of recommendation e-mailed directly to on official letterhead
  5. A regular application form (you will be linked to the regular form after completing the scholarship form)
  6. The $50 or €40 application fee

Please complete every item, as incomplete forms cannot be taken into consideration.
The application for scholarship will be considered only if all required forms have been received by e-mail and the fee has been paid.
All documents need to be in our possession by March 1, 2019.

Title First name Family name
Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd) Marital status
Country State


Other scholarship applications
If you are you applying for any other scholarships for this course, please specify to whom
Other scholarship applications

Please upload a picture of yourself. The picture must be face only and of good quality. It will be used for your student id card.

To start uploading please click on the area below.

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School Subject Grade or credit obtained Year

Present occupation or field of study
If you are now pursuing studies, state the subject, the degree you are working for, and the date when you expect to take the final examination.
Present occupation
Other qualifications
Do you have any practical experience in your field; taken part in student activities or others of similar nature; issued any publications; previously received scholarship?
Other qualifications

Previous visits to Sweden
Place, purpose and length of visit.
Previous visits to Sweden
Name two persons whom you have asked to send written references directly to the UISS. These persons should represent an official institution, e.g. university, employer. The reference letters should include data about your academic achievements, why studying Swedish is important for your career or studies and whether you need a partial or a full scholarship.
First reference Title or position Address
Second reference Title or position Address


The maximum value of a scholarship for two weeks is 14 300 SEK, for three weeks it is 18 600 SEK, which corresponds to the fee of the 2 and 3 week session. For six and nine weeks it is 20 000 SEK. Partial scholarships may only be deducted from the UISS fees. Applicants for a full scholarship need not pay the advance payment of 5 000 SEK. See for detailed information the brochure 'Summer Studies'.

Do not apply for a full scholarship if you can do with a partial one. The UISS has very limited funds.
Scholarship application statement
Minimum financial aid needed in SEK (must not exceed the maximum value as stated above). If you cannot find the rate of exchange of Swedish kronor as compared to your own currency, enter the amount in your currency or in Euro or American dollars.
Minimum financial aid needed
Disclaimer and agreement

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