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We recommend reading the application procedure thoroughly before applying. If you have some knowledge of the language please take the placement test. There are a limited number of scholarships available. Please read the requirements carefully before applying for a scholarship.

Application procedure

Please read the following information carefully before you fill out the application form. Give very thorough consideration to your choice of classes. The UISS is able to provide so rich a summer program only if they receive firm choices of courses from applicants. Also note that all courses are taught in the language in which they are described on the website and in the brochure.

The minimum age is 18, we don’t have an upper age limit. Applications should be submitted only by the prospective participant, not by anyone else, and from the personal e-mail address of the prospective participant. The application procedure is described below.

1. Submitting your application

Please fill out the online application form and attach the requested formal photo to be used on your student ID; a photo with good resolution, sharp, and face only. Please do not send a clipping from a holiday photo. Please pay the $50 or €40 non-refundable application fee.  Europeans please pay the €40 to ING bank account in the Netherlands, accredited to N. Dorrestijn, UISS.

Account number: 1811301
IBAN: NL97INGB0001811301

Others please pay through www.paypal.com, using the recipient email director@uiss.org. Checks or money orders will not be accepted.

If you are not able to use the online application form, please contact us at director@uiss.org.

2. Choosing additions

Please indicate on the application form the additions you would like and pay the extra costs along with your first payment.

3. Determining your level of Swedish

If you have some knowledge of Swedish, please determine your level by taking the placement test. Fill in the number of right answers in the A, B or C level on the application form and choose the corresponding level on the same form. Please note that level A1 is for complete beginners only.

4. Your letter of admission

Upon receipt of your application, we will email you a letter of admission. Those who fulfill the requirements and who have sent their applications in good time are usually accepted to the program. Sometimes courses fill up before the deadline, so please apply as early as possible. Upon notification of your acceptance, you are required to make a first payment of 5 000 SEK plus additions, should you have chosen any (see point 2).

5. Withdrawal

If you have applied to the program and cannot take part in the courses, please be so kind as to notify us of your withdrawal.


First session, courses starting June 14: deadline for application is April 15.
Second session, courses starting July 5: deadline for application is May 15.
Third session, courses starting July 25: deadline for application is June 1.

The deadline for all scholarship applications is March 1.

After the deadline contact the director for information about possibilities for participation.


Upon notification of acceptance, students are required to pay an advance payment of 5 000 SEK plus extra costs for additions that have been chosen. The remaining costs must be paid before:

  • May 1 for courses starting June 14
  • June 1 for courses starting July 5
  • June 15 for courses starting July 26

Upon receipt of the letter of admission you may also pay the entire fee, this way you'll only pay the transfer fee once. Please remember to pay for all your additional choices, such as the Lapland trip or the Finland trip.

Course fees should be paid to our bank account or bankgiro when paying from a Swedish bank account.

The fixed course fee is stated in Swedish Kronor (SEK). If you pay in another currency, such as Euro or US Dollars, differences from the stated courses fee in SEK will be adjusted upon arrival in Uppsala.

Note: Make sure that your name is on the payment!

Early Payment

Students who apply and pay the full course fee before February 15 will receive a reduction of 5% on the course fee, additions excluded.

Payments to the bank account

Svenska Handelsbanken
IBAN-number: SE09 6000 0000 0001 4336 5118
Account number: 6501–143 365 118

Account holder:
Uppsala International Summer Session
Box 15 100
SE-750 15 Uppsala, Sweden

The address of our Handelsbankens branch in Uppsala is: Dragarbrunnsgatan 40, SE-751 03 Uppsala.

The costs of the bank-to-bank transfer are borne by the applicant.

Note: American students can pay through TransferWise.com. This is a very reliable and fast way to wire money abroad. The costs are significantly lower than banking fees. The reference should be your full name. Please send an email to director@uiss.org stating the date and the amount of your transfer directly after you wired the money.

Payments from a Swedish bank account

Please direct your payment to our "bankgiro" 5952-0668.


Conditions of cancellation

If you cancel the course:

  • earlier than 8 weeks before the course starts, refund will be 100% minus transfer costs
  • between 8–4 weeks before the course starts, refunds will be 50% of the total course fee
  • with a cancellation within 4 weeks before the course starts, there will be no refund

Students who terminate their stay before the end of the program or whose physical or mental health does not allow them to participate in the program, do not receive any refunds, other than within the above stated conditions of cancellation. In case of natural disasters, war, cancelled flights and other causes beyond the student’s and our control, there will not be a refund other than within the above stated conditions of cancellation. We highly recommend to have health insurance and travel insurance, not only for travel, but also for the course fees. 



UISS awards a limited number of scholarships to students who otherwise will not be able to afford the program. There is also another organization, independent from the UISS, that awards partial scholarships to UISS students who have at least one Swedish parent. Former student have been awarded scholarships by for example:

  • Uppsala International Summer Session
  • Stipendiefonden för Svensk Utlandsungdom


Scholarship for students with at least one Swedish parent

Stipendiefonden för Utlandssvensk ungdom / Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad gives partial scholarships to "utlandssvenska ungdomar"  who wish to take an intensive Swedish language program in Sweden, complementary to their schooling abroad. Applicants should participate for a minimum of 3 weeks and must at least have one Swedish parent. Applications can be submitted between February 1 and March 31 to Stipendiefonden, not to UISS. Applications can only be submitted through the website. Stipendiefonden addresses families who live abroad with at least one parent who is a Swedish citizen and therefore the application is in Swedish only. Information about these scholarships can be found on the website: http://www.stipfond.se/

Requirements: applicants should be between 18 and 23 years of age and should have at least one Swedish parent.

For questions please contact:
Maud Jansson
Phone: +46 (0) 734-345 783
E-mail: maud@stipfond.se
Stipendiefonden för Utlandssvensk ungdom
Box 5501
SE-114 85
Stockholm, Sweden

Visa and passport information

At the present time no Visa for Sweden is necessary for citizens from most western countries. A valid passport or European ID-card is, of course, necessary. Passport and visa information may be obtained at embassies.

Students who need a visa should apply for a tourist visa well in advance. Please note that in many cases visas are not granted to study at summer programs. The application procedure may take up to six months. Those planning to go on the Finland trip should check visa requirements for that country. For more information:


Placement test

UISS teaches Swedish on various levels based on the CEFR standard.

If you have some knowledge of the Swedish language please take the placement test in order to determine your level of Swedish before sending the application form.

Application form

Due to the legal and structural restrictions with regard to COVID-19, the UISS program 2020 has been postponed to 2021.

The 2021 program with dates, course fees etc. will be published in October on our website. We sincerely hope to see you next year in Uppsala.