By the winter of 2018 I had learned Swedish up to a certain level with distance courses and my own efforts, as I plan to work in Sweden as a medical specialist.  I also knew that the best way to learn a language was to spend time in the country where the language was spoken. With that in mind I became aware of UISS through a friend, while looking for a course in Sweden. Before joining the 9 week course I thought I would attend a simple, boring and classic language course. How did I even know that I would spend the most interesting, most instructive, most productive, and most entertaining time of my life?

Unlike a classical language course, UISS opens Sweden to you every step of the way. It’s like you are a citizen in Sweden for a short time. The ability to transmit Swedish language and culture in such a short period of time is a sign of the result and success of a truly great sacrifice. It is a great honor to know the UISS team and teachers who love and love their work. They do their job very well.

Thanks to all the team and participants for giving me many new values and experiences! A perfect course to learn Swedish language and culture. See you again in the coming years!