Returning to Uppsala for the second summer in a row was a fantastic decision. I had such a wonderful experience my first summer here that I needed to come back. I can honestly say now that I feel comfortable speaking Swedish with Swedes on a daily basis.

My mother was born in Sweden, but she never spoke Swedish to me as I grew up, so I have made it my mission to learn the language. I spent six weeks with UISS in 2014 and three weeks in 2015, and during that time I completed three levels of Swedish language class, a course in Swedish art history and architecture, and two courses in Swedish pop music and musical theater. This combination of courses really helped me to increase my grasp of Swedish grammar, vocabulary, reading, conversation, pronunciation, and culture.

In addition to coursework, I have also had opportunities to participate in such events as Midsummer, Crayfish Party, farewell dinners (always tons of fun), and trips to Stockholm, Dalarna, Värmland, Helsinki, Mariefred, and Sigtuna. There are also tons of evening activities throughout the program, such as a pub crawl, which introduces participants to the nations of Uppsala University, social evenings, movie evenings, musical evenings, and guest lectures. This program has made me fall in love with Sweden, and I intend to live here in the future.

The staff is also quite a delight. I can honestly say that they spread so much fun and love among the participants that it’s hard to believe how much work they put in to keep everything running as smoothly as it does. Over my nine weeks with UISS, I have become friends with all of the staff, and I have such a profound appreciation for all they have done to create such a wonderful environment for a combination of education and fun. I give UISS the highest of recommendations.