The UISS is one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had, and so much more than a language course. I was expecting to go there and learn a bit of Swedish, but I came away with new friends, amazing memories, and most of all – enough Swedish to convince shop assistants that I am a local (and so much more, of course)!

I attended the three week course, and it went by in a flash. The morning language class was perfectly suited to my learning style, we worked hard but we also had a lot of fun. My afternoon class was the Swedish Pop Music & Musical Theatre class. This was not only an extremely fun few hours, but we were also working on pronunciation through song lyrics, meaning that the å ä ö’s made perfect sense!

Let’s not forget the social aspect of the course! Expect a lot of socialising; both organised by the course and by the students. You’ll come away with life long friends and, with the huge range of ethnicities and backgrounds attending the UISS, you’ll also gain a new appreciation and insight into the peoples of the world.

I can’t wait to attend again, next time for longer, and be back in the amazing setting of Uppsala, learning an amazing language, with the most amazing people. Thanks UISS!