For me personally, UISS was the start to my new life here in Sweden.

It is not easy to come to a different country, stay here and try to build your career and life from scratch. UISS was everything I had when coming to Sweden and I can honestly say it was just the inevitable thing I needed to do. Who knows what else I would be doing without this experience, than sitting in local coffee shop here in Uppsala, writing this testimonial and sip my favourite coffee.

Making life-long friends, studying Swedish and fika (having coffee and a cake) a few times a day is just like owning a Nutella company. Constant happiness you could say. I witnessed happiness as I imagine it, new love stories, people talking fluently Swedish after just a few weeks of the course, but most importantly human qualities as understanding and accepting, which is something just beautiful to witness. And that is exactly what UISS is all about. That feeling when you come back home, sit down, eat food your mom cooked and just say to yourself: Yes, it was worth it!