At UISS, I was amazed by how patient, supportive and understanding my Swedish classes’ teachers were. They made their classrooms such welcoming places, where students could learn and thrive regardless of their learning pace. The lessons were engaging and interactive, motivating students and giving them plenty of opportunities to practice their Swedish. My favorite activity was speed dating, during which students from two different classes (sometimes the same class) converse in Swedish on certain topics. This was very fun and helpful with speaking as well as getting to know other students more.

I also really liked the fact that students could continue practicing and learning Swedish in the afternoon classes. Classes such as Folk Music led by the amazing Henrik (you will know what I am talking about when you meet him) and Förbättra din Svenska led by the lovely duo Anna and Roel are great opportunities to improve your Swedish while participating in activities such as singing, acting, etc.  

As for the trips, they are simply great, very fun and educational. I had never in my life visited so many museums and cathedrals accompanied by a group of wonderful people. 

To sum up, I had such a great time at UISS, learning Swedish and meeting people from all over the world. I am sure you will find as much joy in the program as I did. And last but not least, I would like to give a shout out to the assistants, Annika, Anastasia and Linus for being so nice and helpful. And a big thank you to Nelleke for her kindness.  

Kadijatou Barry

UISS 2023, age 18, student at Harvard, U.S.A,

What does it mean to love a language?

That’s the question that I explored – to enheartening success – during my three weeks at UISS.

At first, I didn’t realize I was exploring it. I was just trying everything I could to force Swedish out of my mouth, with as correct grammar and vocabulary as possible, as I’d learned them from books. It had been five years now that I’d lived and worked in Sweden, and, during that time, I’d struggled in frustration to produce the language. I could read it well, but my progress in hearing, speaking, and writing was feeling nightmarishly slow, compared to the other two languages which I’d learned to fluency, German and French.

My UISS B2-1 class teacher, Sofia – one of the best language teachers I’ve had in my life (and I’ve had a lot of them) – cleverly diagnosed the origins of my linguistic distress. Much of it had to do with pronunciation, and particularly, the unusual melody and prosody of Swedish. These are things one can’t learn properly from books. Sofia patiently accompanied me and my classmates as we (well, I) stumbled and mumbled our way through Swedish poetry and snippets of literature. Sofia helped me find where Swedish is – for lack of a better way of putting it – located in my mouth. That is to say, German is guttural and back in the throat; French is largely in the nose; and Swedish, well, it’s mostly up front, fashioned by one’s lips and the tip of the tongue. Once you figure this out, the complicated Swedish vowel system becomes both pronounceable and comprehensible.

Meanwhile, our charismatic and hilarious afternoon activity leaders Roel and Anna encouraged us to sing, act, and even dance in Swedish. “We want to get you using your right brain,” Anna declared on the first day. That is precisely what we did, and exactly what I needed. Swedish went from being a puzzle to solve, to an artistic practice, filled with emotion, style, and grace. All those words and grammatical constructs that I’d absorbed over the years started spilling out of me, and I found what might be called my “identity” in Swedish. That is to say, I could increasingly express in Swedish my personality, my values, and my hitherto seemingly incommunicable inner thoughts and feelings.

In my three weeks at UISS, I went from being unable to, or perhaps scared of, having a conversation in Swedish, to chatting freely. When I got back to my job as a doctoral researcher in intensive care computing, I was able to communicate accurately and freely with colleagues, and figure out the lingo of complicated clinical meetings. In the month since UISS, my Swedish has improved rapidly, and I now have the prerequisites to start an intensive university course in Swedish C1 and C2, the highest levels on the European CEFR language ability scale. I’m excited for that.

More important than these measurable signs of progress are the ways that speaking Swedish allows me to abide the culture. Over the years, I’d become confused by, and subsequently critical of, certain aspects of Swedish society and customs. Now, however, that I understand the language, I also understand better why Swedes behave the way they do, and that has made me feel more at home here. It’s as if I was deaf, and now I can hear. The value of that is immeasurable.

At the farewell dinner, as I was saying goodbye to Sofia, I told her (in Swedish) “I’m so sorry – I need to study grammar harder.” She replied, “No, Erik, that’s not what you have to do. You have to learn to love the language.” She was absolutely right, and I was already beginning to do that.

Erik Campano

UISS 2023, age 46, Ph.D student at Umeå University, Sweden,

I had no idea about UISS before this summer and now I can definitely say that I wish I could have attended in previous years too. It is difficult to summarize what I got out from UISS, bas it offers you Swedish culture, insight into society as well as knowledge about traditions and life in Sweden, while teaching you Swedish. I learn lots of things even during that short time (3 weeks) at UISS. Also, it was not only me, I had a chance to observe other people while they were improving their Swedish. 

There were 35 countries represented during the program, which means lots of cultures to learn about, people to meet and opportunity to having a conversation. Even just this was proof of that the UISS is not juist about 8 hours of lesson a day. The schedule was detailed and tailored to what you need, I must say they know what they are doing. There is a balance between Swedish lessons and other activities. Although homework may challange you, it is mostly fun because fun and lessons are intertwined most of the times. 

The staff was willing to communicate and it is always nice to having new friends from such a pleasant course. Nations (Swedish student clubs) in Uppsala also are also a place where you meet Swedish people and is another chance to improve your Swedish with your classmates. 

To cut a long story short, UISS is more than just a course and taught me much more than Swedish alone.

Talatcan Ikizoglu

UISS 2023, age 24, Medical doctor, Turkey,

Before traveling to Uppsala I had already heard good reviews about the UISS program, even though I did not have clear expectations until the first day of class, when Nelleke presented a completely new world to me. It blew my mind when she introduced the dynamic of the session: the teachers, the afternoon classes, the tours and the general activities meticulously arranged. Then I knew that it would be the perfect scenario to immerse myself in along this beautiful journey of the Swedish learning. Everything went as planned, I had an exceptional summer!

After trying several online options, I can proudly say that we had the best teacher ever. Lena used pedagogic exercises that motived us to practice. She was easy going and made it interesting and funny at the same time. I met wonderful classmates from all around the world and I’m looking forward to meeting them again next year!

I enjoyed every single activity I participated in. I took the “Förbättra din Svenska” afternoon class and at the beginning I felt a bit nervous, but at the end it was a huge success because of the passionate teachers Roel and Anna. The farewell dinner was splendid as well.

I extend my gratitude to the assistants Anastasia, Annika and Linus who were always supportive to me and my husband. And of course, thank you very much to Nelleke who has been the most devoted leader of this amazing organization!

Lizet Fonseca

UISS 2023, age 32, Geologist, USA,

I took part in the UISS for the last three weeks of summer 2023. Each morning we had our Swedish language courses. I visited the B1 class with Lena as our teacher, which was absolutely amazing. In class we spoke a lot, learned grammar and read together, and at home we practiced our writing.

In the afternoons and evenings, we had the chance to experience parts of the Swedish culture. I chose “Folkmusik” with Henrik as my afternoon class. We sang (and danced to) many Swedish folk songs and learned the right pronunciation along the way.

Additionally, there was a lot of evening program, like Kräftskiva, a pubquiz or a music evening. The Friday trips gave us the opportunity to see a little more of Sweden. In the three weeks I´ve been there, we visited Stockholm (Vasa Museum, Skansen, Gamla Stan), a Moose-Park, Sigtuna and the castle Skokloster. Thanks to the assistants everything was very well planned and very easy and fun for us to participate.

During the three weeks, I lived (like most of the others) in a one room apartment with my own bathroom and a small kitchen unit, this was perfect.

The fellow students, teachers and the orga-team all were extremely friendly, openminded and helpful. I met so many inspirational people and I think my Swedish improved a lot. I definitely want to come back next year.

Sara Pelchen

UISS 2023, age 24, Student at Augsburg University, Germany

Over the past 30 years I have dabbled with various on-line and in-person classes to gain a functional knowledge of the Swedish language. Unfortunately, my Swedish was not progressing as I wanted. I heard about UISS for many years, but the timing was never right for my schedule. Finally, in 2023 my schedule allowed me to attend, so I eagerly signed up for a 6-week program (first two 3-week sessions).

After six weeks of outstanding Swedish language classes taught by outstanding native Swedish-speaking instructors and excellent cultural classes (many in Swedish), I am confident that I can now have a conversation with a native speaker beyond “hello, my name is;”and  “where’s the restroom.” Was it easy? No. Was it thorough and was I pushed in a positive way to improve my skills? Yes! And all in a highly accepting and supportive learning and living environment.

The opportunity to socialize and interact with my fellow students during class days and after hours was also an invaluable opportunity for me to experience and accept people “where they are.” They extended the same courtesy to me. The housing accommodations in Uppsala University housing, while mainly geared for younger students, were also comfortable and functional for an older adult. The numerous Friday excursions were also fun and educational.

I am glad I opted for the 4-day cruise excursion to Helsinki – it was fantastic!

Hats off to Nelleke, the administrative team (Linus, Annika, Ruud, and Anastasia), and the faculty for a wonderful, first-class learning experience.

Bottom line: I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in bettering their Swedish language skills!!

Gary Plaag

age 66, retired communications specialist and university instructor, U.S.A. ,

My 9 weeks in UISS were truly one of the best summers of my life! Everything about this program was amazing!

First of all, I was greeted by a wonderful community of students, teachers, and staff! The students in the program came from all around the world, and were all so enthused and friendly! This made exploring Sweden together even better, as we got to share our different perspectives. Then, the language teachers were all such experts, and they were also very supportive and joyful! I started with zero knowledge of Swedish and finished with a good A2+ level 😀

The afternoon classes were also so much fun! The teachers helped us get a better feeling for Sweden through art, history, literature, folklore, and so much more! I cannot recommend the Swedish folk music class enough – this was one of the highlights of my experience in Sweden, and I really can’t imagine my UISS experience without this class! The staff was also very supportive, friendly, and accessible, and they really put a lot of effort into the organization so that the whole program is fantastic!

Speaking of the program itself, UISS was much more than just school and classes! There were so many activities outside school hours that helped us meet even more of the students in the group while also having fun and exploring Uppsala. The organized Friday trips were also incredibly interesting and enjoyable – we got to explore so much of Sweden and see so many things! Then, Uppsala itself is a jewel – a city of historical buildings and streets, beautiful nature, and fun nightlife 😉

I had a truly unforgettable summer with UISS! I learned so much about Sweden and the Swedish language, I had lots of fun, and I made memories that I will hold on to and share for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for the amazing summer!

Martin Dimitrov

UISS 2023, age 20, student at Harvard, Bulgaria,

Totally Recommended! Finishing the 3-weeks program I am leaving with the best impressions! The course is not limited to learning proper Swedish, it is a journey! Passing thru arts, literature, sociology, tasting the Swedish culture whilst all of these are accompanied with lots of music! I was lucky to be along talented people, people with character and authentic attitude, with love for their job, like my teacher Catrin.

Angeliki Papagianni

age 40, Mining Engineer, Greece,

UISS was everything I hoped for and more.  While I had been practicing my Swedish for a few years on my own, I knew nothing would compare to learning in person.  I am so glad I found UISS – the perfect solution to improving my Swedish while also spending time in Sweden.   

The program uses a placement test to determine your appropriate course level but there is flexibility to adjust once at the school.  Morning language classes were small, and the instructors were top notch.  The afternoon sessions provided a relaxed way to learn about Swedish history/culture while also practicing your Swedish – I had a blast in Svensk Folkmusik. 

To further enhance your Swedish experience, UISS also organizes voluntary social activities and trips for students.  My three-week session had a trip to Stockholm and to Falun in Dalarna, as well as a long weekend trip to Helsinki.  There were planned social activities for students each week as well such as a music performance night, a scavenger hunt, a pub crawl, and an international potluck dinner.  I highly recommend taking advantage of all the opportunities UISS affords you.   

On top of everything else that UISS has to offer, one of the best benefits is the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with other students from around the world who also have a passion for learning Swedish.  I’m so grateful for that added bonus. 

UISS has been doing this for 60 years, so it is no surprise they are so successful.  If you are looking to learn Swedish while also experiencing life in Sweden, I can’t recommend UISS enough.  I loved it so much that I’m hoping on making it back next year to continue my studies.   

Michael Kuhnsman

age 53, retired, U.S.A. ,

‘Walking into UISS for the first time, I’ll admit, I was a bundle of nerves. Worries about my own knowledge gaps and fitting in as one of the older attendees played on my mind.

But, those concerns quickly melted away. Nelleke, the mastermind behind the course, orchestrated a symphony of classes and events that catered to every interest under the sun.

I signed up for the third session, initially advised to tackle a more challenging level. Even my first teacher nodded in agreement, nudging me to leap into the mixed B2.2/C1 class from the get-go. It turned out to be the perfect challenge, and I soaked up wisdom not only from my teacher, Tulla, but from my fellow students as well.

In the afternoons, I eagerly joined the ‘Improve Your Swedish Through Music and Drama’ class, led by the dynamic duo, Anna and Roel. Their guidance worked wonders, boosting my confidence and fine-tuning my pronunciation.

The trio of assistants, Annika, Anastasia, and Linus, had everything running like clockwork. Their support ensured that every moment was jam-packed with activities. Trust me, this programme is a recommendation I’d make to anyone, regardless of age or skill level. And as for a comeback? Well, let’s just say, my fingers are crossed!”

Scott Murray

UISS 2023, age 40, teacher, United Kingdom,

Innan jag kom fram till Uppsala var jag jättenervös eftersom jag inte riktigt visste vad jag skulle förvänta mig. Men så snart som vi började blev jag helt och hållet bekväm tack vare hela teamet som såg till att vi alla kände oss välkomna. UISS har sedan dess blivit en underbar och spännande upplevelse fylld av mycket skratt, lärande och livslånga kompisar. En av mina bästa höjdpunkter var att kunna åka till Stockholm för att se på Allsång på Skansen.

 Jag vill med tacka alla mina lärare. Vår lärareTulla säkerställde att vi alltid hade material som var intressant och engagerande. Trots att vi var en klass från B2.2 till C2 så kunde Tulla hitta resurser som var användbara för alla. Anna och Roel, mina lärare från “Förbättra din svenska”, var också jätteduktiga och gjorde så att vi alla kunde våga prata svenska även om vi kände oss blyga. Jag skulle rekommendera UISS till alla som överväger att lära sig svenska.

Wilson Huang

UISS 2023, age 24, student, Australia,

Both of my brothers attended UISS between the years 2015 and 2019. As a result, my expectations were very high. I had heard nothing but good things from them, and I thought secretly that it must have been an exaggeration. Especially having done other Swedish courses online, I thought to myself that this one can’t be any different. I attended UISS 2022 for 6 weeks for sessions two and three, and I was wrong. I am beyond happy to say that my experience at UISS 2022 exceeded all expectations. I thought it would be great, I found that it was absolutely phenomenal.

The daily schedule offered students quality time for Swedish language during morning classes, but also practical, cultural, and social skills during afternoon classes. I learned all morning and learned more all afternoon. As overwhelming as that sounds, it was truly a pleasure. My morning classes were so helpful to the development of my Swedish language. I developed a confidence that I didn’t have before, and I suddenly found myself capable of having conversations both inside and outside the classroom. UISS has mastered the art of teaching the Swedish language. As for afternoon classes, Nordic Noir and Pop Music, I cannot recommend them enough. Both Benjamin and Malin were incredible teachers. Learning more about Swedish society, culture, literature etc is truly helpful to foster an appreciation for the land you study on and the language you are learning. I found it to be unique and incredibly beneficial.

As for the social aspect of things, Uppsala is a wonderful place to make lifelong friends. As I write this, I am still in contact with all of my friends from UISS. It is truly a beautiful way to meet as everybody has something in common: wanting to learn the Swedish language. Uppsala’s nations were the hub for all UISS students, and we all really enjoyed each other’s company in the evenings (when we weren’t doing homework) at the nations.

Overall, I cannot recommend UISS enough. I will be back for years to come, I can guarantee that. A special thank you to Henrik, Annika, Anastasia, Ruud and Nelleke. My experience would not be the same without the love and care you all put into the programme, and you all have no idea how much you impact the lives of people who attend this course.

Mona Salah

2022, 20, student, Jordan,

Arriving at UISS I did not know what I would find. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a group of extremely welcoming individuals and a fantastic Swedish learning and cultural experience.

The classroom teaching combined with the cultural immersion make an ideal combination to help you learn the language as efficiently and naturally as possible. The Friday excursions to museums in Stockholm, visits to a moose park and classic Swedish slott give you a well-rounded experience of the history and culture of Sweden.

I thoroughly recommend UISS for those who are both inexperienced in the language or those of a more advanced level, as all are catered to.

Lucas Palmer

2022, 29, United Kingdom,

UISS was an oasis for me after missing Sweden and the Swedish language so much for 4 years. After my Erasmus experience at Uppsala University in Spring 2018, I was just looking for a way to come back and experience more of Sweden and Swedish. I was not aiming specifically at Uppsala in my lookout for a language course but was very happy to find one there by sheer luck. I didn’t know then that I encountered the best option possible.

Although I had to wait for another 2 years because of the pandemic to reunite with my dear Uppsala and be a participant of UISS, I can definitely say that it was worth it! Honestly, I had lowered my expectations before coming here and kept saying to myself “Okay, maybe you won’t make any friends but at least you will learn a lot about Swedish and improve yourself”. I thought so because 3 weeks seemed so short a duration to establish strong bonds with anyone. 3 weeks still seem far from enough but just because I miss being with all those wonderful people so much. I literally could not get enough of the programme. The second part of what I had said to myself got real; I could genuinely watch myself progress in Swedish. However, as early as the end of the second day, I was persuaded that language would only be one part of a pleasant journey. It was amazing to see how many people from different backgrounds and ages, and with peculiar interests could connect so easily, in the blink of an eye, through Swedish. Both the participants and staff were so inclusive that I immediately felt like this was somewhere I belonged. This, of course, is not just important for personal comfort but also supports the language development in such an essential way. Day by day, I could observe my Swedish build up through morning classes full of instructive and guiding information and afternoon classes full of music, songs and dance. A little tip: although my level was a lower one, I tried to use primarily Swedish in all my time in those classes. It definitely helped! But that is no miracle, as you can imagine. Everyone was so supportive of each other in terms of practising Swedish that it was no surprise that by the time we parted, I could hear many of my friends speak faster and with a more elaborated grammar.

To cut it (relatively) short, I am sincerely grateful for my time in UISS. We have lived through wonderful adventures together in such a little time and had so much fun thanks to both the instructive part of the program and the social part of it which allowed us to mingle, discover different places in the neighborhood, share our talents with dear people and learn how to celebrate life the Swedish style.

Serra Gök

2022, 26, MA student of Linguistics, Turkey,


Thirteen years back, we did the first UISS and basically never forgot it. In the mean time, we did other Swedish courses in our home country, the Netherlands and during the years we kept a basic level of Swedish (but forgot a lot of the grammar).

Ten months ago, we permanently moved to Sweden and needed to improve our rusty Swedish. We immediately thought of UISS and were saying to each other: ”Does it still exist?”.

And it does indeed! We had again a memorable time in Uppsala with the first session after COVID-19! We also both did a wonderful cultural program in the afternoon. We completely refreshed our grammar and did very well in the end test.

We were happy to meet the director and the assistant again, who created a very professional program. Very good quality but also lots of fun, meeting wonderful people.

Again, we will not forget this session!

Diny & John

Diny and John

UISS 2022, 59 & 59, Sweden,

UISS is definitely where I began my journey to  learn Swedish. I would say the language lessons are intensive and I love it. We were so  immersed in the Swedish environment that we practiced Swedish all the time, and even during the fika (coffee break in Swedish).

And I got to know a lot about Sweden during the afternoon class from the perspectives of music, film, culture and drama.

I am so grateful that UISS is back. Being a returner for the third time, I believe that it’s kind of showing how much I learnt from UISS and how deeply I believe in this program. And I will be at UISS for sure next year. Vi ses!

Mandy Wan

2018, 2019, 2022, age 27, Business Development Manager, Hong Kong, China,,

I moved to Sweden in 2015, and I wanted to learn Swedish. So, I did some courses here and there, besides self-learning. However, I was only able to take my Swedish to the next level after 9 weeks at UISS 2022!

It was not just a wonderful learning experience, but also so much fun! The Swedish morning classes were led by competent teachers who were able to keep the lessons exciting, taking into account the diverse learning styles of students. As for the afternoon class, I did ”Förbättra din svenska med hjälp av drama /musik /improvisation” which was excellent for practising my speaking and pronunciation in a super fun way!

In addition to the classes, I really loved the social activities, which were well thought of, and combined a mixture of socializing and learning about the Swedish culture. I made many friends and many nice memories during UISS – a truly unforgettable experience.

I can strongly recommend UISS, and I can confidently say that it’s been the best way to learn Swedish for me. And yes, I do plan to come back!

Anmaar Kamalaldin

2022, age 36, Bahrain, PH.D. Luleå Tekniska Universitet,

At the beginning of 2022 I decided on a whim that I wanted to learn Swedish.Typical me searched up ‘Swedish language course summer’, clicked on my first result, liked the look of it, and booked it. I thought the summer course was going to be a very informative and effective Swedish learning course and had no other expectations.

It was so much more.

It was the most open and accepting place I have ever been to. Inside of the UISS institute the staff where the most considerate and assuring people. Throughout my stay I witnessed the course goers as well as the staff and teachers treating one another with the upmost respect in regards to gender, sexuality, race, religion, age, education and so much more. We where all people with one common understanding, we where there for our love of Sweden and that so clearly bound us beyond social constraints.

Outside of the institute, Uppsala was such a student friendly and comfortable place to be.

I made lifelong friends of many different ages and backgrounds. It was the most surreal experience meeting and connecting with people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

The teaching was phenomenal. I give special thanks to my A2 Swedish teacher, Henrik. He incorporated music into the learning of a new language. We sung his vowel song first thing every morning (which can be found on YouTube!), this not only helped learn the Swedish vowels, but helped everyone come out of our shells and feel comfortable. I found speaking the Swedish language anxiety inducing as I didn’t want to get anything wrong and be laughed at, but the classroom was made to be a safe space where laughing at one another was not even considered. The passion for teaching the Swedish language was tangible, and as a result, infectious.

Every afternoon from 1.45 to 4.30pm, everyone had lessons in regards to the culture of Sweden. I chose Gender and Sexuality with Benjamin. It was so informative and it brought light to issues I had never previously thought of. They opened the classroom space to be a discussion on the lesson topics, or a discussion on our lives and personal experiences. Wherever the conversation veered to, everything was listened and personally responded to by Benjamin.

There were also cultural excursions the Friday of every week which I recommend everyone to take part in. They where well organised trips to see the surrounding areas of Sweden. I attended the trip to Skokloster and Sigtuna. In the morning was Skokloster where we got to see a preserved Count and Countesses manor. After, we got taken to see the oldest town in Sweden called Sigtuna and then after touring, we swam. These trips where the perfect opportunity to practice our Swedish when ordering food and drinks or having small conversations.

Other mid week activities consisted of a pub crawl, a movie night, a crayfish party, a musical evening and finally the farewell dinner. Every single activity was authentically Swedish and the perfect opportunity to bond with peers and students.

Before attending UISS, I had never performed in front of an audience. Even thinking about singing in front of people would make me panic. I made it a goal to sing at UISS and that’s what I did. The environment created by everyone allowed me to overcome my most debilitating fear. Words can’t describe how great full I am for that experience.

In summary, UISS was an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I couldn’t recommend it more in regards to the quality of education, the kindness of the staff and teachers, and most importantly the experience from the friendships created.

I thank the UISS team for fighting to keep the course running after the hardships of COVID. I also thank the UISS team for how fantastic my 3 weeks where! Unforgettable.

Tack allihopa och vi ses snart igen.

Olivia Hookings

2022, age 19, student, United Kingdom,

I started learning Swedish at my university about 9 months earlier because I was hoping to continue my education in Sweden and wanted to be able to speak the language. I got obsessed with studying Swedish and started searching for ways to really put my obtained level to test before actually moving to Sweden. That’s how I found UISS, which for me is the most prominent and well-balanced Swedish summer school out there.

I am happy that I chose to try it out and no regrets from my side. Although, we had 30 degrees outside for almost two weeks, I still have no regrets that I spent four mornings in each week in a Swedish class. Fellow students and my teacher were just amazing and there were no days where we did not have a laugh in class or during our breaks. Interesting conversations under the sun during fika just add to that.

During the time that I was at UISS, I met many people around the world. I can say that having so diverse group is one of the best parts of the programme. It gave an opportunity to speak with very many different people, no matter the age, nationality or level of Swedish. In situations like these, it is easy to switch to speaking in English but I recommend that, even if you are a beginner in Swedish, try to use it even outside of class as much as possible.

Secondly, UISS offers a lots of ways to discover Uppsala and other parts of Sweden. There are several events that encourage to move around in Uppsala and weekends offer a perfect chance to look around and spend time with your new friends. I would personally recommend visiting Gamla Uppsala and watching a Uppsala Sirius match. Lappland trip is also a must. I had never been in Sapmi region or on any longer hike and I really enjoyed it. It is an experience I will not easily forget. But as a caution it should be mentioned that it is no walk in the forest, the terrain is mountainous and mosquitos will not leave you alone. You don’t have to be an experienced hiker, but make sure that you have the energy and positive mindset to enjoy your trip.

If you take all of this into consideration, you will have one of the greatest summers of your life. Trust me when I say that it is hard to leave Uppsala and Sweden after such an eventful session.

Ronek Jäär

UISS 2022, age 21, student, Estonia,

I started learning Swedish with Duolingo and other online resources, and after a while my progress plateaued. I could read simple text and understand slowly spoken Swedish, but I couldn’t say much myself and I had never really tried writing anything. I decided that I needed to visit Sweden and have some face-to-face teaching from native speakers. Out of the residential programmes I found online, UISS looked the most interesting and seemed to have a great history, so I booked my place in February 2020. The pandemic meant it was two more years before I could actually come to Sweden, and because of the long build-up, I did feel a little pressure of anticipation. But I needn’t have worried, as the course was absolutely worth waiting for.

We had Swedish lessons for four hours, including breaks, on four mornings each week. My teacher was fantastic. On the first day, she asked us what we wanted to achieve in the 3-week block and then she made sure the lessons worked towards those goals. We had plenty of time to practice speaking to each other, we read and discussed an interesting short story, and we did a number of short writing exercises. The atmosphere was relaxed and questions were always warmly welcomed. I enjoyed the classes so much and I believe I made huge progress with my Swedish.

My afternoon lessons taught us about the Swedish welfare system and really helped me understand more about Swedes’ attitudes to life and society. We went on some great field trips and had talks from a municipal councilor and two trade union officials. It was really cool that they were happy to speak with us about their work when we were just visitors to the country.

In the evenings and on Fridays there were several social events that introduced us to Swedish culture. These were a lot of fun (how many other chances will you get to experience a real Swedish Midsommar?) and helped us all get to know each other. It was cool meeting people from all around the world, and I was really happy to be able to explore Uppsala with such great people. It’s a beautiful and friendly city, full of character and history, and I can’t wait to go back.

I am sad that I didn’t sign up for a longer course, and leaving my friends and Uppsala was genuinely painful. But I think going to UISS was one of the best experiences of my life and I’m so glad I found the programme. If I have the opportunity to go another year, I won’t even hesitate.

Kaspar (Lucien) Green

2022, age 31, copywriter, United Kingdom,

No testimonial is going to be enough to describe our experience at UISS. Being part of UISS has been our best summer experience so far. We came to improve our Swedish but we got to be part of way more than that.

At UISS you have the opportunity to learn, improve and practice Swedish in Sweden. During the morning classes we studied grammar, writing, talking and listening. Our teacher was really kind and helpful and the atmosphere was really nice.

Our afternoon class (improve your Swedish through drama, songs and improvisation) was something we really enjoyed. Apart from improving pronunciation and vocabulary, you get the chance to express yourself. We were always singing, laughing and experimenting with art. Also, our class was taught by professional artists.

We got the chance to meet people from all over the world. The staff and the students were amazing and we got to create some strong friendships + the coffee from fika at school was the best.

It is not just learning Swedish, there were also lots of other activities like visiting the ABBA museum, Stockholm, a moose safari and lots of other wonderful museums. Uppsala is a very beautiful city, and I would recommend everyone to visit it. There is no wasted time at UISS, there is always something nice to do. It is the perfect balance for learning-socializing- traveling-partying and so on.

We would recommend everyone to be part of this program. Not only for the Swedish language, but also for the experience. So, even if you are not interested in Swedish language, choose the A1 level and go for it, just for the experience, it is totally worth it! You will not regret it. You will get to live like a Swede for at least three weeks. Bonus tip: the price is really affordable for everything that they offer there.

Mimi and Rafail Tase

Mimi and Rafail Tase

2022, age 25, Physicians, Romania and Albania,,

Since I’ve self-taught myself Swedish, I knew that I needed to spend some time in the country in order to improve my speaking skills and fluency, since that’s not something you can do on your own. That’s how I found the UISS course and it has certainly exceeded my expectations. The language lessons during the morning helped me expand my vocabulary and I had the chance to speak a lot, since the groups were small and we all had the chance to participate. I had two great teachers who helped with any question we had and we were constantly training the different skills needed to master a language. We always got constructive feedback and it helped me with correcting those tiny mistakes that I made when speaking or writing in Swedish. I also really liked the afternoon lessons because it was a way to socialise and improve my Swedish skills while having fun. The trips on Friday were a good way to get to know the country and culture better and we even had the opportunity to practice our Swedish thanks to the guided tours. When it comes to meeting new people, I felt that it was quite easy to find others who had something in common thanks to the activities organised by UISS (and thanks to the nations, too). The UISS staff has been kind and helpful with any kind of problem that arose.

I would certainly recommend the program to anybody who wants an immersive experience where you can improve your language skills but also deepen your knowledge about Swedish culture.

Joan Perales Marco

2022, age 24, Translator, Spain,

I’ve had a connection with Sweden at different times in my life, but it’s been years since I’ve spoken Swedish in any capacity. When I found out about UISS, while looking for a summer program, I thought it would be a great idea to revive my Swedish again.

What drew me to UISS, to begin with, is the fact that you can have everything included, such as a room to stay in, lunch during school days, lots of social gatherings and whole-day class trips. I decided to join for the last 3 weeks of the session.

I was placed in the A2+ class and had a great teacher who really adapted the teaching material to the level of the whole class. We did loads of different kinds of exercises that helped us with reading and listening comprehension, speaking and grammar. I had picked an afternoon class that sadly got canceled, but was able to pick another one that was similar. Singing helps a lot with pronunciations and it’s super fun so I recommend that wholeheartedly!

I met amazing people in this course. I’ve had so much fun going to gatherings and the Friday school trips. My favorite was probably going to Skokloster and Sigtuna. Uppsala is a very beautiful city that has loads of calm areas to sit and study. On a good weather day, you can even dip your toes into the river to cool down. I really recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn Swedish in any capacity!

Ingunn Róbertsdóttir

2022, age 33, Digital Product Designer, Iceland,