Get to know other people from all over the world!

Study Swedish & Meet the World

The UISS is Sweden’s oldest and largest summer language program. With 60 years of experience, we offer a well-developed curriculum. Nowhere in Sweden will you find such an intensive summer program with such a rich choice of courses.

But we offer so much more than courses alone: Each Friday we organise a cultural excursion, as well as optional trips to Lapland and Finland! Our program is diverse, for all levels & ages from the age of 18, and above all: a lot of fun! Still have some questions? Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Get to know other people from all over the world!

9 Different Levels

We offer a wide variety of levels to meet the needs of every student and to have more homogeneous classes.

Cultural Immersion

Learn the Swedish language faster by living and studying in Sweden. Dive into the culture & its traditions.

60 Years of Excellence

Nowhere in Sweden will you find a program with such a rich choice of courses and activities.


A level for every need

Teaching Swedish to People of All Ages for Academia, Business, Travel & Fun!

Since the founding year of 1963 we have received well over 10.000 students and professionals from across the globe. Their motives and backgrounds may vary, but they share the same goal: to study Swedish. And our goal is to offer the individual student the best environment to learn, with lots of laughter included!

All teachers within the UISS are qualified to teach at an academic level. Our Swedish instructors are specially trained to teach Swedish as a foreign language and have considerable experience. The newest teaching methods are applied resulting in an active, motivating and stimulating atmosphere in our classes. Our courses are intensive and are intended for the motivated student. All classes are taught at Vuxenskolan, a modern facility in the centre of Uppsala.

A different class every 3 weeks

Not Your Average Language Program…

Our experience is that it is a very good combination to focus on studying the Swedish language in the morning and to do something entirely different in the afternoon. For example, one of the numerous courses we have in which music, singing and/or theater are combined, will teach you much more than just a song or a scene. New horizons will open up and you will be surprised at how much your language skills will have improved. You can choose a different course of your interest for every 3 weeks that you stay with us.

Cultural Immersion & Sightseeing

55We Care About Social Activities, too!


At UISS we believe that it is important to organise free time activities along with all the classroom hours. Being in Sweden our students get the opportunity to experience Swedish culture first hand and visit exciting historical and modern cultural places. 

It is equally important to us to maintain the personal atmosphere that has always been a strength of this program. The weekend trips to Helsinki and Lapland are great experiences, so make sure to take part in at least one of them. Two highlights during the summer are the potluck dinner, to which students bring food that is typical for their homelands, and the farewell dinners. Each three-week session ends with a 3-course dinner and dance, a so-called “student gasque”, where students and teachers perform songs and sketches. The dinners each have a theme. On July 4 the theme is “Typically Swedish”  where people can dress up as a famous Swedish character or in blue and yellow. On July 25 the theme is “A Celebration of Diversity” , On August 17, the dinner is a bit more formal with the theme: “Dress-up for a party!”

Why Choose Us?

The Largest and Most Flexible Swedish Language Program

Because of our size, we can offer more classes and differentiate between levels more than any other program. We usually offer Swedish language classes at 9 levels simultaneously for 3, 6 or 9 weeks.

First Class Educators

Our teachers all have a degree to teach Swedish as a foreign language and most of them are lecturers of Swedish at universities abroad or at a Swedish university. Three of our teachers have a PhD.

More Than Just Another Language Program

When teaching a language it is also important to teach the culture, history and society. Our afternoon classes, evening lectures and full-day excursions provide insight into these important aspects of Sweden and they’re fun, too!

”If you choose UISS for the sixth time, you really believe in the quality of this program.”

Paloma Basanta

Paloma Basanta Loriga

UISS 2014 ’15 ’17 ’19 ’22 , ’23, age 59, Germany

A Broad and Diverse Curriculum

Backed by 60 years of experience, we offer a developed curriculum. Nowhere in Sweden will you find a program with such a rich choice of courses.

Located in the Vibrant City of Uppsala

Uppsala is Sweden’s oldest university town and a wonderful city. The student atmosphere and facilities contribute to the quality of the program. Fond of a big city? Stockholm is only 45 minutes by train.

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We would love to welcome you in Uppsala for an unforgettable experience.