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UISS to me was like a perfect mixture of learning, exploring, socializing and most of all: enjoying. The Swedish lessons are, as everyone keeps saying, intense.

The fact that you are in Sweden the whole time makes it even better, because you are literally practicing all day. If you get the chance to take the Swedish history class, then I can very much recommend you take that. You get to learn a lot about Sweden and why it is what it is today. We also got to see a lot of Sweden, which we normally would not see. The teachers at UISS are very kind and helpful. To me, the best part of it all was the amazing people I met from all over the world. During the time that I was at UISS, there were over 40 different nationalities: from the United States to Serbia to India and South Korea. They were all there. The time we had will be among the greatest I’ve ever had. When I finally had to go back, I couldn’t wrap my head around leaving all that was so beautiful. When you are going back home, trust me, you are bringing something with you that is better than a souvenir, and that is the actual language of the country.