Living in Uppsala

Below you find selection of practical information which is also provided via the brochure and upon arrival.


Anything goes in Sweden. Jeans and other casual wear continue to be good standard equipment. Sport shirts and slacks and sweaters with jeans are okay for daily wear. For the Farewell Banquet you’ll want to bring a party outfit. Check the preliminary activity schedule for the themes. Do not forget to bring a raincoat and an umbrella.

Electrical appliances

Sweden uses 220-volt current.

Information on Sweden and Uppsala

More information can be found here:

Svenska Institutet
Swedish Tourist Board
Uppsala Tourist Information
Uppsala Nya Tidning (newspaper)
Swedish Radio
Swedish TV
Sites for sports in Uppsala

Of course, you can also contact the Swedish Embassy or Consulate in your country.


All participants should have their own insurance to cover illness and accident. The cost of medical care is high in Sweden, except for those coming from countries, which have an agreement with Sweden on this matter. Check this before you leave. We also recommend having cancellation insurance.

Internet access

The student housing for single rooms, included in the course fee, all have internet access with ethernet cable in the room, as well as WiFi in the community area downstairs.

The appartments, not included in the course fee, might have internet access but it is not guaranteed.

You will be able to use WiFi in the center of Uppsala and at the school.

Laundry facilities

Washing machines and dryers are available.


During the week (Monday-Thursday) a hot lunch will be served, the students are responsible for breakfast and dinner. Friday through Sunday you will be responsible for all your own meals. Your accommodation includes possibilities to cook your own meals. See also: housing.


Take a credit card or ATM bank card. It is wise to exchange money at Forex. Money can be changed at the airport and at the central station in Stockholm upon arrival in Sweden.


There are no telephones in the dormitories. It is wise to get a calling card from your telephone company; this makes calling abroad both easier and cheaper. You can also purchase a Swedish sim card for your GSM in Sweden.

Transportation to Sweden

We strongly advise participants who plan to fly to request information from a travel agency early. Reservations often need to be made well in advance. An international student identification card may prove to be useful.

Transportation in Uppsala

Almost all of our students live in the single rooms, which are located at Klostergatan 16, close to the school. It is less than 8 minutes to walk from there to class. Some students choose the optional appartment, which can be located anywhere in Uppsala, but usually no more than a 20 minute walk from the school.

Should you prefer not to walk, then bicycles are definitely the way to go for a student in Uppsala. You could bring your own bike, or buy a cheap one, or rent one if you only want to use it for a shorter period of time, like a day.

You can also take advantage of the excellent bus system in Uppsala. The bus fare is 30 SEK per ride, but much cheaper if you buy a card with multiple rides (UL card).

Uppsala student card

Student life in Sweden is quite differently organized than in other countries. To gain entrance to the student clubs, which offer food and drinks at very reasonable prices as well as an opportunity to meet Swedish students, you’ll need a special ‘guest card’ from the student union. Please bring an ISC, or your university student card.


Information about visa for Sweden can be found here: VISA/passport information.


During the summer the weather is unpredictable. It can be hot and dry, or cold and rainy. Be prepared for anything.

Various links

Good to know

The official gateway to Sweden

Study in Sweden
The official website for studies in Sweden

Visit Sweden
The official website for tourism and travel information

The official website of Uppsala kommun

Uppsala Tourism and Travel Information

Uppsala Nya Tidningen
Uppsala’s local news paper

Old Uppsala
This is Swedens first capital and burial site of the Vikings.

Hammarskogs herrgård
Recreational area near Uppsala

Skokloster Spelen
Medieval Week at Skokloster Castle

Skabram Stugby
The place where we come to rest after the Lapland hiking trip

Educational links

Uppsala University
The university of Uppsala

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Located in Uppsala

Eurolingua Institute
A good start to find our and other language programs!

Mälardalen University
Scandinavian Studies at Mälardalen University

OBS! Online
Flexibel Schwedisch, Norwegisch oder Dänisch lernen … mit Lehrer vor Ort oder online!

Associations and foundations with focus on Sweden

The Swedish Institute
Swedish language studies abroad and in Sweden

American-Scandinavian Foundation
ASF – Promotes international understanding through educational and cultural exchange between the United States and Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

Svenskar i världen
A community for Swedes abroad