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Uppsala International Summer Session organizes summer courses in the Swedish language for students and professionals. The minimum age requirement is 18. Since 1963 thousands of students have attended our courses. Their reasons and backgrounds vary, but after attending UISS they have at least one thing in common: a better proficiency in the language and a deeper understanding of the Swedish culture.

The UISS offers a lot more than just a language program. Besides our intensive language courses, we offer cultural and other studies to help you get a better understanding of Sweden, its culture and its history. We organize social events so you will get to know your fellow students better, film nights and trips to interesting places in the vicinity of Uppsala and Stockholm, and longer trips to Lapland and Finland.

Every year 35 – 40 students return to the UISS. We have a limit of 120 students per 3 weeks session. As many take the 9 or 6-week sessions, this means we have a maximum capacity of around 230 – 240 students.

An introduction to the program and all it has to offer.

The 2020 PDF booklet “Summer Studies” contains the vital information from this website.

UISS 2020 Program Postponed to Summer 2021

We regret to inform you that the UISS program of 2020 has been postponed to the summer of 2021. We have considered the alternatives, the consequences of every action and the possibilities how we could still go ahead with the summer program. Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that we will have to move UISS 2020 to UISS 2021. This is the first time since the program started in 1963 that we cannot offer the program according to plan.

It is hard on all of us who work for the UISS not to have a summer as usual in Uppsala, as it must be hard on you also to not be able to come to Sweden this summer.

We are confident that our program will be fully booked again next year and we sincerely hope to welcome you to the UISS 2021. The updated program will be announced in October. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.

Main reasons that have guided our decision to postpone UISS 2020:

1. Your Health
We do not want to compromise anyone’s health and in the current COVID-19 situation it would not be responsible of us to assemble such an international and large group of people.

2. Travel Restrictions
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Sweden currently does not allow non-EU citizens (as in living in the EU) to enter Sweden. Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel to all countries up to 15 June 2020 and this date may be extended. Many other countries have similar restrictions on international travel.
If we would have decided to still run the program and you couldn’t make it because of travel restrictions, there would have been no refund. This way, you will at least not be losing the course fee.

3. Legal and Structural Restrictions
Legal and structural restrictions cannot be met this summer, for example social distancing. Even though we have a maximum of 12 – 15 students per class, we do not have enough bigger classrooms to meet the requirement to have students placed at a distance of 1,5 to 2 meters. No more than 50 people can legally assemble, which would mean that we cannot have the usual activities in the school, nor the lunches, welcome and farewell dinners, as announced in the activity schedules on our website.

4. Received Cancelations
Again, due to COVID-19 we have received quite a few cancellations and almost no applications in the last 6 weeks. As a consequence of these facts, we also know we cannot offer the same high quality program as we have done for almost 60 years.

Days Until UISS 2021 Starts (preliminary)

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Number of students already accepted into the 2021 program.

Best Language Program named the UISS as the best language program in 2016, 2017 and 2019. One of the reviews that led to this recommendation:

Truly a great experience, both in learning the Swedish language and the local culture. The provided facilities are fantastic, and the abundance of trips to Swedish hotspots, and a huge amount of traditional Swedish themed events, result in an extremely educational experience. All the teachers I have had the pleasure to study under were highly proficient, as well as being great and funny people. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a top notch course in all things Swedish.

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