The two sessions of Swedish at the UISS belong to the greatest experiences in my life. I didn’t only learn Swedish, I learned as well about what and how life in Sweden can be.

It’s not just about learning the language in a classroom. The perfect combination of morning classes and afternoon classes, as well as the different field excursions and social evenings allow you to meet the people and discover the country.

When I came back the second time to Uppsala it was like coming home. The staff is so welcoming, caring and helpful as they can be. The organization is on the top, from the beginning to the end. They help you to find the courses that fit you the best and encourage you to try something new. The teachers try to adapt the courses to the students’ needs, so that everyone can follow.

I’m rather shy and I need some time to warm up and I never thought I could sing or act in Swedish. But I was able to overcome my inhibitions. Due to the exercises in the drama class and the helpful tips of the teacher, I now dare to talk Swedish more easily than before. And we all had so much fun by playing, singing and acting…

That’s what it is about at UISS! Learning Swedish and having fun. Meeting people from different cultures and respect one another as you are. No matter where you come from, how old you are, which sexual orientation you have, what you do in live… Just be yourself and learn Swedish in a fun, varied and interesting way.