UISS, there are simply no words to express how amazing this experience was to me and I believe to everyone around me during the program.

I must start with that the staff of the UISS is absolutely wonderful and sweet, always there to answer any question you got. You can feel like part of a big family that we become every time, in every session of the UISS, I just love it and i think everybody else does!

I did not only have the chance to improve my Swedish, which was the main reason for attending to this program, but I also got the chance to experience how amazing, fun and wonderful Sweden is and to see in real life what I have only seen by pictures back home and practice my Swedish everyday with native speakers. Going to the weekend trips organised by the UISS was a great chance to learn and see the past and the present of Swedish culture, history and society, and I was left speechless by the beauty of this country that stole a piece of my heart .

The teachers in UISS are absolutely amazing, always cheering us up to practice until we get the right pronunciation, always willing to give us advice to improve and achieve our very best. Their guide during the whole course made me improve my Swedish, level by level, and also my confidence in my speech.

The afternoon classes were so fun, and made learning Swedish even more interactive and enjoyable. Making Swedish become a part of my everyday life through my hobbies like singing or dancing. It’s said that the best way to learn is by enjoying it and I think is true, cause I got all of that during my time in the UISS . I was part of the Svenska film class and Swedish Pop Music & Musical Theater and i highly recommend them for everyone who love movies and music.

In the UISS, you not only have the chance to learn about the culture, but also to meet people interested in Sweden too and people from other cultures and traditions. I personally had the chance to meet wonderful friends, not only from my same major, but also from other majors, cultures and beliefs about life and politics .

I think you would never regret coming to the UISS, is one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life and I am so thankful to have come here. This experience is priceless and a chance of a lifetime, and I am definitely coming back to improve my Swedish even more and enjoy a wonderful summer again.