After the great experience in 2015, I came back to UISS in 2016 and again this year. The learning curve is extremely steep. I never experience such a quick improvement. In my first I started with absolutely no knowledge of Swedish. After three weeks I was impressed: I was able to understand quite a lot.

And in last year’s session I really experienced a quantum leap in my understanding and expression ability. The afternoon classes complete the program. You can choose among grammar and conversation classes, or other themes, related to arts, history or contemporary Swedish society. You can really feel the dedication of the teachers doing their job. I think that they had fun teaching us, which in return means that we had fun as well. Sharing the apartment with Swedes is a unique experience. I’ve got to know some lovely people and had fun with them. Furthermore, trying to talk to them in Swedish and realize that they understand you and you understand them is a huge motivational boost!

Uppsala is a nice town where you can enjoy the long Nordic evenings. Having a drink and still enjoy the sunshine at 10 PM is just priceless. And if you need some distraction from this perfect world, you can join the extra activities on Friday or the weekend trips. Stockholm is a classic one. I’ve already been several times there, but it’s always beautiful! So… yes, it’s a language school, and a very intense one, but it is also an extremely enjoyable time. So enjoyable that it has become my summer vacation. If you are still reading, it’s because you are thinking about applying. Stop thinking about it, do it! You won’t regret it!