UISS lived up to my expectations. The course was excellent. The students were followed up personally. This is only possible because the number of students in a class is limited.

There were only 8 students in my class. My teacher knew exactly what I knew and what not. So Icould make more exercises to help me improve my weak points. The results are splendid. It is hardly to believe the progress I made in only three weeks. If I take course next year for another three weeks I shall be able to guide in Swedish in Volvo cars factory in Gent. And this is my purpose. On my way back to Belgium, Swedish passengers on the flight asked me: “Where have you learned Swedish? ” You speak it so fluently.

The organization of the course was also splendid. Not only study. Also entertainment (organized almost each evening) was well chosen. A film evening, a music evening, all in Swedish. The weekends were wonderful with excursions among others to Stockholm, a silver mine, always with Swedish guides. The staff was remarkable. They can sing, play music, they act. Fun was always there! I think I was the oldest man of the 115 students. I can assure you I felt as if I was young. Worth considering!

Note: Eric returned to the UISS in 2015, 2016 and 2017