When I chose the six-week session, I though it would be a little bit too long. I was definitely wrong! I started the Swedish courses with UISS, I only knew five words in Swedish. Now I can handle a conversation with swedes! You will be impressed by the progress you make every day!

The morning Swedish courses taught me the grammar, the pronunciation and expanded my vocabulary. On the other side, I learned more about the Swedish history and put the language in a context, during the afternoon classes also to discover the nyckelharpa. Moreover during the second period the musical-theater class helped a lot to pronounce the different Swedish sounds and it was so much fun!

But the UISS experience is not only about he courses. It is also about meeting people of 40 different nationalities and making new friends. You will never be bored because the amazing staff will keep you entertained with events such as musical evenings, film evenings, guest speakers and also awesome parties like a memorable crayfish one!

In conclusion my only regret is that I couldn’t attend for a nine-week session. I hope to come back next year.