What makes the Uppsala International Summer Session an excellent program is first and foremost the quality of the Swedish language teaching. After studying a variety of languages for many years, I have demanding standards for language instruction. When I first enrolled in the Uppsala International Summer Session, I had high hopes that my time and money would be well spent and that’d I come home at the end of the summer with as strong a command of Swedish as possible. After two summers in the program, I am pleased to say I couldn’t be more impressed.

The teachers at UISS are dedicated, highly trained, creative, and supportive. They know how to make four hours of classroom time a day speed by with interesting, challenging activities, and they understand how to encourage students engaged in the difficult task of learning a new language. Every day in my Swedish class, I felt my ability to speak and understand Swedish improve. When I returned to take classes at home, my teachers were amazed at the level of skill I had attained in so short a period of time.

Supporting the program is a team of UISS staff members who are not only professional but just plain nice people who go out of their way to help students. The friendly, caring atmosphere at UISS makes students feel valued and allows for a relaxed, pleasant experience.

UISS offers so much in addition to the language classes and supportive staff: interesting afternoon cultural classes, cultural excursions, and fun social activities all contribute to an unforgettable experience. I will always treasure the time I have spent at UISS. In fact, I can hardly wait to return next summer.