I was about to learn Swedish and chose UISS at a friend’s recommendation. At UISS I experienced not only great teaching of Swedish language and culture by a huge variety of means (elaborated classes, nice and motivated teachers, singing to excercise pronounciation, field trips and typical swedish how-tos like fika, dinners and holidays). Those summers also were filled with a warm and heartly atmosphere in the program, created by both staff and fellow students.

The experience of total strangers becoming a temporary family is really moving! I was meeting people from all over the world and building up intense relations with them. I found a spirit of tolerance and curiosity resulting in an immense intercultural understanding of people I would not have got the chance – or the impulse – to get in touch with.

Yeah, well… so I went home with a backpack full of swedish-knowledge and life-changing impressions. How awesome is that!? Thanks everybody!