Hej! Jag heter Karina och jag kommer från USA.

I first came to UISS in 2016 for the 9 week course (Level A2 with very little knowledge of the Swedish language). I knew before I had left that I wanted to come back. So here I am again this summer 2018, for the 3 week course in Level B1.

My initial motivation to come to UISS was to learn about the Swedish language and culture and to come on a bit of an adventure. I leave once again with the glow of having made many warm memories and the shot of energy that comes with a good challenge.

UISS is nothing short of an excellent program. The staff are capable and friendly, the teachers are knowledgable and motivated and the director is a wonderfully passionate woman who is dedicated to creating a culture of tolerance, adventure and freedom.

Classes: Level B1 was quite challenging, but I came away feeling excited about how much I was able to learn. In the afternoon I took the Cornelis Vreeswijk class with Anna and Roel. I was very happy with my decision to take this class. The teachers were very energetic and passionate and it was a nice change of pace from the more sedentary morning classes. Take the Cornelis Vreeswijk class if you want to have fun and be inspired, all while learning about and singing songs from an influential Swedish singer/songwriter. This course is also very effective at improving pronunciation.

Finally, my recommendation for anyone interested in coming to this program is this: Remember that you are going to be learning Swedish in Sweden! It is going to be really cool if you choose to engage in what the program and town has to offer. I would highly suggest going on the field trips, walking around Uppsala (Domkyrka and Pelle Svanslös lekplats are a couple of my favorite places), or taking a visit to Stockholm. If you want to liven things up you can visit a student nation for some drinks and dancing. If you feel like you need to slow things down, you can do as the Swedes do and relax at a lake. The opportunities to engage in the Swedish language and culture at UISS are endless! I highly recommend this program!