It is great to be in Uppsala. First of all, you meet people from all over the world. You talk, laugh, eat, learn and work very hard together. It is learning and having fun together, learning from each others cultures, all in Swedish which makes the three weeks in Uppsala very special. Being there is the chance of a lifetime to discover Sweden, a country, with its unique culture and history and language, from within. I took drama (förbättra din svenska), Swedish history en Modern Swedish Literature in the afternoon. I enjoyed and learned a lot. Now I can understand and speak Swedish and I can even read Swedish poetry! I celebrated midsummer, I danced, I learned to sing a lot of songs and it all ended with a great party and new friends. Each year my first thought after leaving Uppsala was “when can I come back?” So I hope to do so next year again. I can hardly wait to hear the teachers say: “Hej Marga”.