The UISS was one of the best experiences of my life. I can simply exclaim that it is the epitome of intercultural dialogue while being immersed in the beautiful language and land of Sweden.

I would probably start with the application. Unlike other summer schools I have attended, the UISS offered an additional feature of calling on WhatsApp, which made communication very smooth and convenient. Not only this, but the mails sent were replied promptly which included all clarifications I had sought.

The class sizes in the UISS are small which ensured that my learning of the Swedish language at my level was apt. I wholeheartedly enjoyed my classes. My teacher of Level A2 – Ms. Elisabeth Olsson was excellent. She helped me in all ways possible to help me learn Swedish.

Travelling all the way from India to Sweden, I was quite nervous from the beginning. This brings to my last and the most important point. The director of the UISS, Drs. Nelleke is a superb director and a great person. She perfectly balanced the fun of the programme and maintained the decorum of the UISS’s functioning. But what I would like to express it that, she ensured that each and every one of us was comfortable at the UISS and in Sweden. This personal touch and a personal connect with the director, as well as with the teachers and the UISS staff is what I feel makes the UISS one of the best programmes to attend.