I can´t tell you how much I miss the UISS and Uppsala. When I signed up for the program I thought 3 weeks would be way too long. But afterwards I wish I would have stayed longer, that´s almost how everybody felt before leaving. My motivation was that I was going to work in Sweden as a hockey coach and in order to do that I had to improve my Swedish.

Beginning with the grammar and conversation courses at my appropriate level to the drama and rhetoric class in the afternoon, I felt that I was making progress every day. The drama and rhetoric class (Förbättra din svenska) gave me a lot of confidence in speaking the language, so I can take my coaching to a better level as well. But the best thing about the program is that you make friends for a lifetime. My colleague students became much more than just classmates. What a great time we had. Now, looking back, I have to thank the UISS for preparing me for my job and help me improve my Swedish the way they did and most of all for a great time in my life!

Tack för allt och kör hårt!! ☺