Summing up my love for UISS in a few paragraphs is almost impossible, but I will try my very best! Simply put, it has given me two amazing summers, many wonderful friends from around the world, and memories to last a life time!

After telling myself for years that I would learn Swedish so that I could speak more with my Mum’s family, I finally decided to get on with it in the summer of 2016. After a bit of research, I came across UISS, and Nelleke answered all my many questions, as well as pointing me to Duolingo so that I could prepare for my A2 course in the summer.

I only spent three weeks in Uppsala in 2017, but they were the highlight of my year! Not only were they a perfect escape from a stressful degree, but I was surprised at how well the course encouraged global friendships, tolerance and most of all fun! Whether I came back in 2018 didn’t feel like a question and I booked on as soon as I could.

This summer I’ve been shocked at how much my Swedish has improved over just six weeks. I was in two groups with very different teachers, and students, but both became such supportive environments in such a short space of time, which made learning a language so much more fun! Not only did I learn more of the language, but I was able to learn more about Swedish culture as well, which was such a treat!

I would thoroughly recommend UISS to anyone wanting to learn Swedish, whether you’re a hard core linguist, a half-swede like me, or just someone who needs an escape from daily life into a wonderful global community of friendships, singing, dancing,  and so much more!!!