It was the story of my immigrant ancestors that inspired me to consider learning Swedish; it was good fortune that led me to UISS.

During the three weeks that I was in Uppsala at UISS I was immersed in the language and culture of my Swedish great-grandparents. I am gratified by the innumerable memories and lasting friendships that were formed. Equally fascinating to me was the opportunity to study with so many other students from various nationalities, backgrounds and ages. The diversity of cultures and the span of age made for a rich experience. One of my classes had no less than 7 different nationalities represented between the ages of 18 and 55+.

I found the classes to be equally challenging and rewarding. The instructors where eager to see students succeed and they provided structured class time that was academically challenging and inspiring. The afternoon sessions on Grammar and Conversation were great compliments to the morning lessons. The instructors were not only knowledgable, skillful teachers, but they were engaged in our whole experience.

There were many opportunities provided for socializing and for learning about the culture. A highlight for my summer was celebrating my first Midsommar, complete with countryside picnic, yard games, singing and dancing around the May pole. Bonds were always being formed among students and staff from the opening reception to final student dinner.

My only regret was my time at UISS was too short! I hope next summer will see me once again backtracking my ancestral journey to Sweden. I will once again strengthen my Swedish roots while engaging new friends and multiple cultures. I can hardly wait and hope you might be a part of this enlightening experience!

PS I returned to UISS in 2018!