I decided to attend UISS this year as I was planning on moving to Sweden and I wanted to get a head start with the language. It was the perfect choice for me.

From a teaching perspective, the program combines strong foundations in grammar and vocabulary with very interesting cultural afternoon classes which also teach you so much. I took the Swedish Pop Music and Musical Theatre afternoon class. It helped my pronunciation so much – and gave me a lot of useful vocabulary that I have remembered. It was also just a lot of fun! The classes were small to help keep students engaged, and everyone in class was motivated, making it a very positive learning environment.

The staff put their hearts into the program, creating a warm and supportive environment which is also impeccably organised. I have been to many events, and this really was one of the best organised I’ve ever been to. I was truly impressed.

Of course, you get to meet lots of open and friendly people from all over the world and share a wonderful experience together.

I felt myself improving every single day which was really satisfying. At the start of the program, I barely understood anything when people spoke Swedish. By the end, I could understand much of what was happening. I was also able to speak to people in simple Swedish in a range of contexts! Since leaving, I have received many compliments on what I learnt thanks to UISS. It felt amazing to have made this progress in three weeks and it is a credit to the staff. If you want to learn a lot whilst having a wonderful experience, I highly recommend UISS!