When you are 34, the idea to leave the comfort of your home and a regular job to go back to school always sounds crazy and outrageous! But when you want change and need to re-discover yourself, you have to be bold and do the unusual.

I came across Uppsala International Summer Session while searching for an opportunity to study in Europe, and the structure of this program instantly captured my attention. 3 weeks packed with literature, fun and traveling endeavors, everything is unique about the program.

UISS gives opportunity for people from different countries and backgrounds to collaborate together and learn the Swedish/Swede’s way – the language, the music, the history and the culture, all in a very inclusive fashion. The classes are intense but the teachers are driven and dedicated, you will be surprised at the speed you will progress week by week. From morning classes to evenings at student places, the so called “nations” in Uppsala, to the weekend trips to Finland, these 3 weeks are like an investment in knowledge that pays the best interest!

UISS gives you memories to cherish, new friends to keep for life, it would take me more than just a few words to list all the hidden incentives behind all that learning. Whether you are in just for those extra credits or looking for a new direction like me, UISS has plenty in-store for you.