I had a wonderful time at UISS and I couldn’t have chosen a better program to study Swedish. They provide the perfect mixture of intense study of grammar, conversation, vocabulary and pronounciation but also a lot of fun, socialising and exploring all the different aspects of swedish culture.

Besides the great progress I made language wise, I felt very much at home at UISS. The staff is very warm and welcoming. The program is not anonymous at all, you get to know each other real quick (through the many amazingly organised fun events, like musical evenings or potluck dinners, they have at UISS). After a while UISS starts to feel almost like a big family abroad. Also the students are all amazing and it is great to get to study in such a diverse environment with almost 50 nationalities among the students.

I would recommend UISS to everyone who is not only looking for excellent swedish classes but also wants to experience all the sides of swedish culture while having a lot of fun and meeting wonderful people.