I highly position the UISS experience as one of the best experiences of my life so far. Not only because it’s in Sweden, which is breathtakingly beautiful, but also because the UISS team knows how to conduct a summer school very well (given they have been running the programme for many years now).

Apart from Uppsala being a very pretty venue for a study programme, they also expose you to the beautiful Swedish culture. You won’t realise exactly when you will have spent your time there because apart from studies, you could be celebrating mid-summer, dancing, watching movies, having dinner with others or playing some games.

As soon as I reached there, there was something I registered; the UISS staff is extremely friendly. They know how to treat you well and also bring a smile on your face. And the very first day that I was there, I was already laughing and enjoying. This is the only school I have experienced where the director danced and performed for every one and later also danced with the students. While it is not normal for me to go abroad, and yes I was nervous in my expectations, but it turned out to be way better than anything I could wish for.

When you go there, make sure you visit all the “NATIONS”. This term had just the regular meaning for me before I went there, but as I was leaving, it had become one of the best things any town can offer you. Go there and experience it yourself.

Well, most importantly, I was there to learn Swedish and it was extremely structured. My teacher specifically played guitar and taught us our pronunciations. I still pronounce well whatever I had learnt in the song (hahaha). At the end of just three weeks, I was able to order my food at a restaurant or look for groceries at a market. This brings me to another point that Swedes are the sweetest people. You will be amazed at how well they receive you on every occasion.